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I'm Nikki and I'm so glad you've taken a moment to find us in this little space on the web; with so much going on out there I'm really grateful you stopped by.


If you'd like to know more about myself, Pet Potions & Remedies, the little family members that keep me on track, or the services, workshops and education I am committed to sharing please read on. 


Nikki & Jetty

Jetty was found alone as a pup wandering in the hills of the Byron Shire. He was fortunate to be taken in by a beautiful local foster family but was on borrowed time as they had plans to move to Canada. Thankfully he got to work and charmed his way into the heart of their neighbour, was soon adopted, and got to enjoy daily walks on the beach with his new human between Byron and Belongil. Life was good. Life was perfect. He had found his fur-ever home.

And it seems I was just as lucky!! I had thoroughly enjoyed being a naturopath for over a decade, was blessed with side-careers (& adventures) working as a dive-instructor on The Great Barrier Reef, sailing in the Caribbean, and galavanting across the globe, when I made a fateful decision to visit Byron Bay one weekend, and finding that town was full in the height of summer spent the night sleeping on a friends couch. When I woke in the morning I quite unexpectedly met the other housemates, namely Jetty, and his human. That was the day I also found my forever home.

Having never owned a dog before, there was really no thought of questioning the conventional veterinary advice. Feed from the bag of dog food twice a day, walk him twice a day, administer tick and flea medication regularly, visit the vet if he's unwell. Thankfully Jetty was a really healthy pup, but the first time he seemed to have ear troubles and we walked out of the vets office with a prescription for anti-inflammatories and no mention of diet, lifestyle, causative or predisposing factors, and honestly more questions than answers a light bulb went off.  Why was I treating his health so differently to our own?

Pet Potions & Remedies

It started with diet, no surprises really, as a naturopath it ALWAYS starts with diet(!!) and the realisation the even most of the ‘good’ pet foods were really not very good at all. There has been lots of reading, lots of research, lots of seminars, online courses, chats with holistic vets, and home experiments.

What made this really REAL however was noticing how many more people were coming into the dispensary asking about natural pet care. People who want alternative options, who request herbal and homeopathic remedies made for their pets, for skin care, joint care, tummy upsets, diarrhoea, depression, anxiety, tick bites, muscle strains, you name it.


No I am not a vet. Yes I highly recommend that in an accident or emergency situation you go see one, we do. We have even been fortunate enough to find an amazing holistic vet, and it is SO incredible to know that we are truly on the same team when it comes to providing the best level of care for Jetty if and when he requires professional help.

But when it comes to the daily aches and pains, the stress and anxiety, the emotional trauma, the tummy upsets, farting, itchy skin, and general malaise there is so much you can do to support your own animals health naturally, gently, and without the need for adding more toxins into their already overloaded systems. There's so much you can do yourself, from home, without the need for ongoing expensive visits. That's why we're here.


We want to help you understand just how much you can support your pets health, yourself. And provide you with easy access to our dispensary and first aid kit so that you also always have appropriate remedies on hand for all that life throws at you. 

Supportive health, naturally. That’s what we’re about.


Our Services

EDUCATION: We are all about empowering pet owners to better understand their pets health and the options that are available to them. Knowledge is power. The more we know and the more we share the better informed we will all be when it comes to caring for our pets in gentle, natural and holistic ways. We regularly post blogs on different health and animals topics, have quite an informative Instagram account and regularly share engaging content that we find on Facebook, giving you lots of options to stay informed and up-to-date. If there's anything you would like us to address specifically please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

We will soon also be releasing the first of our online learning e-courses. These are open to anyone who wants to learn more about how to support their pets best health, so stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter to be kept in the loop!

ORGANIC, NON-TOXIC NATURAL PRODUCTS: Our range of natural herbal, homeopathic, probiotic, and essential oil products helps to put you back in the drivers seat as the true care-giver for your pets. These remedies have been formulated to address the most common concerns that I was regularly addressing in the dispensary. Having remedies at home that you can turn to as a first port of call before resorting to an expensive vet visit is invaluable, especially when you realise that long-term they are actually supporting BETTER health and greater vitality than the prescriptive alternatives. We never use any ingredients that we wouldn't take ourselves or give to the precious children in our lives. First, do no harm. 

CONSULTATIONS: If you would like more specific information tailored to your individual pet please consider reaching out for a consultation. I have been a naturopath for over a decade and have in recent years been more specifically studying animal nutrition, herbalism, and natural care. I am happy to work with you to prescribe tailor-made herbal remedies, to help you better understand alternative options for care, or to formulate and transition to a more natural diet and feeding plan as required. 

I also offer naturopathic consultation services for pet parents. Having worked extensively in a number of areas such as gut health, neurological health and hormonal health I offer a no-nonsense, and very pragmatic approach to long-term health. If you're ready to upgrade your own wellness so that you can better support your human and fur-kid families please get in touch.

WORKSHOPS: I will soon be introducing a series of pet health workshops to our calender. These include 'make-and-take' workshops where we learn how to make simple and effective remedies, foods or treats for our pets that you are then able to take home with you. These workshops will cover specific topics such as essential oils, first aid remedies, homemade diets, and treat and natural supplement creation.