Homeopathic Tick Kit
  • Homeopathic Tick Kit

    This homeopathic mini-kit has been created to treat bites and stings safely and effectively, reducing symptoms such as redness, swelling, heat, stinging, itching, and burning; and helping to prevent the onset of bite and sting related infections. 


      Homeopathics are safe and effective natural medicines that have been used successfuly for hundreds of years to treat a huge range of both acute and chronic ailments, and form an integral part of national health systems in many countries around the world such as Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Germany, Sri Lanka and the UK.

      Homeopathic remedies are incredibly safe to use for both humans and animals alike, and these particular remedies are a selection of the most common ones used to treat bites and stings whether it be from mosquitos, fleas, ticks, or other animals.


      PLEASE NOTE: These remedies are designed for occaisional use only as required. They are not appropriate for ongoing or continuous dosing unless under the direct supervision of a qualified homeopath. If your pet has ongoing issues please book an appropriate consultation with a homoepathic or naturopathic professional who can guide you on the most relevent potency, dosing and remedy for your pets partiuclar situation.


      Below is a description of each remedy and the signs and symptoms in which it is most appropriate to use each. Each kit also contains this information for your safekeeping.

      APIS: Used for bites & stings such as bee, hornet or wasp stings with redness, heat and swelling. Rosy shiny swellings that sting and burn. This remedy is also effective for hives, nettle rash and allergic eruptions.

      ARNICA: The remedy for accidents and injury with bruising and shock. Whilst this remedy is not specifically used for bites and stings, it can be very useful to minimise pain, swelling and shock. It promotes repair and healing and is very useful to have, especially when unsure if a limp is due to a bite or an injury. For sore pains, inflammation and oversensitivity.


      LEDUM: Our most used bite and sting remedy, it helps soothe mosquito bites, insect bites, tick bites and/or puncture wounds. (Essentially a bite is a puncture wound). The skin may look swollen, puffy, be cool to the touch, pale or mottled with localised pain. Fantasitc for all other animal bites too including dogs, spiders and snakes as a first port of call, however we also recommend seeking medical attention in these cases as quickly as possible.


      RESCUE REMEDY: This liquid is not a homeopathic remedy but a flower essence combination designed to support emotional wellbeing, to help calm, settle and soothe in cases of shock, stress, anxiety and fear. The drops can be easily added to the water bowl for ongoing support, or put directly into the mouth or on the gums during acute or crisis situations for immediate benefit. Add 4 drops to water bowl / mouth/ tonuge/ gums as required. 


      DOSAGE: Give 1-2 homeopathic pillules in the mouth, or cheek pocket, or place on your hand and allow your pet to lick them off as soon as symptoms are noticed.
      Wait 20-30 mins before giving a second dose if symptoms do not subside.
      Max 3 doses per day.

      Tick Removal: Give 1 dose of ledum when removing ticks from pets body.
      If symptoms persist please seek medical attention.


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